An Alternative Narrative On Migration

F2.largeFollowing the 18th April tragedy in the Mediterranean that lead to the loss of over 700 lives, and the subsequent 13th May Commission proposal for a new agenda, migration has lately been a very hot topic in Brussels.

We were positively surprised by the Commission’s proposal, which Continue reading “An Alternative Narrative On Migration”


Democracy days: let’s keep the ball rolling!

school_of_democracy_logo_bigWhat do you think when you stumble onto the word ‘democracy’?

From ancient Greece to these days, people have always found various answers to that.

Some have created complex theories, others have tried to find arguments to replace it with authoritarianism, others have engaged in endless philosophical battles while the rest of the people – which were the core of their difficult speculations – remained excluded from the debate. Continue reading “Democracy days: let’s keep the ball rolling!”