Baku 2015 1st European Games

Baku1It is not by chance if sport and philosophy find their origins within the same culture, the Ancient Greek one. A culture in which the development of men was equally measured in terms of their physical and spiritual well-being. Sport is a universal language, understandable since a first glance. It is one of the highest Continue reading “Baku 2015 1st European Games”


2016 America’s race for President: Republican Candidates

Republicanlogo.svgAmerican elections will be held on 8 November 2016, the number of candidates has sky rocketed which means the race has begun, and with it Primary Elections… I will divide this topic in two posts, one analyzing two Republican candidates and on the second I will analyse two Democratic candidates. Starting with the Republicans, they have a lot of candidates Continue reading “2016 America’s race for President: Republican Candidates”

The Greek Crisis: An Insider View

A European Union (EU) flag, left, and Greek national flag fly near the Parthenon temple on Acropolis hill in Athens, Greece, on Monday, Oct. 31, 2011. Europe's plan to solve the region's debt crisis made credit-default swaps covering Greece

Greece is facing one of the worst financial crises the EU has faced since the end of the Cold War. GREXIT, the return to the drachma and a significant bailout are just around the corner, and Greek citizens are facing one of their worst fears since 2010: the fear of exiting the Eurozone and the creditors to leave the country without cash flows within the following week, raising the capital flows Continue reading “The Greek Crisis: An Insider View”

The 2015 PES Congress in Hungary: Perspectives from three activists

My experience at the 2015 PES Congress in Budapest: Sercan


It was very nice to meet so many Comrades from all over Europe. I had a lot of very interesting conversations about the challenges of Socialism, Social democracy and Feminism in Europe. We also talked Continue reading “The 2015 PES Congress in Hungary: Perspectives from three activists”

How Hungary took the first step to build a united Europe, and then, took a step back

Thinking about the European Union, there were some thoughts, most of them idealistic, in my head: no borders, no trouble travelling, and stability, just to mention some of them.  However, looking at the latest news, I am not so sure about the no borders, no trouble, Continue reading “How Hungary took the first step to build a united Europe, and then, took a step back”

Il diritto a migrare è un diritto fondamentale?

Immigrants-June-20-2014Il filosofo Bauman scrive che la paura, in questo un nuovo secolo, è una merce preziosa, da capitalizzare al mercato della politica. Precipitati nelle sabbie mobili dell’insicurezza percepita, ognuno può inventarsi il proprio fantasma, il proprio capro espiatorio. Sul tema dei diritti umani, oggi si sta giocando una partita di assoluto rilievo che riguarda la politica, la cultura diffusa, le forme della convivenza Continue reading “Il diritto a migrare è un diritto fondamentale?”

Time To Come Up With A European Agenda on Asia


Asia is no priority on the European agenda, and somehow, this is understandable. Europe has been experiencing hard times in the last years: a financial crisis, followed by the sovereign debt crisis, the Greek crisis, and two economic crises, all in less than ten years. Its neighbourhood is on fire, and although the Arab Spring has given Continue reading “Time To Come Up With A European Agenda on Asia”


Samira Oubourich - France - Unity

La démocratie, si elle représente bien des valeurs et des projets de société est avant tout source de libertés, d’épanouissement, de droits dans l’égalité et le respect de chacun. Si la démocratie se décline de bien des manières selon les pays, l’idéal démocratique garantissant une répartition équitable des ressources, la liberté d’expression, une Continue reading “Démocratie”

Delayed the First Test-bench of TTIP in Strasbourg

Plenary session of the EP in Strasbourg
Plenary session of the EP in Strasbourg

In between the excitement for the outcome of Turkey’s election and the disappointment about the series of scandals that struck the biggest sports organization worldwide, people might have overlooked that, on the 10th of June, the Members of the European Parliament were supposed to being asked in the monthly plenary Continue reading “Delayed the First Test-bench of TTIP in Strasbourg”

Turkish general election, 2015

AKP_party_lists_Turkish_general_election_2015SMALL DETAILS, HUGE IMPACTS

Turkey waits for the general election which seems the most important election in the history of the Turkish Republic. Different parties, different manifests and polarizing groups cause world to hesitantly observe Turkey. Main issues regard the electoral system, the presidential system, the Syrian civil war, economy and undoubtedly Continue reading “Turkish general election, 2015”