Children’s day

01_Duhok-Domiz-161Children’s day… everybody remembers the joy and fun they had on the annual children’s day, it was “their day” so every child tried to get the most of it, at least that’s how I envisioned the Children’s day. But it’s now, as a grown up that I truly see what it really means.

80 Years have passed since the first ever Children’s day. It was held by the World Conference for the Well-being of Children in 1925 and then established universally in 1954 to make it a worldwide “appropriate” day. And what have Children gained since then? What have we as a Society done for Children’s well being?

In these 80 years Children have seen their lives change in a radical way. Child labour has been abolished. Education is now granted to every child, despite social background or home income, and many constitutions, like the Portuguese one, make sure every kid is granted the right to have a proper Childhood, to have a proper household and parents.

Despite all the efforts that have been done things weren’t always like this in every corner of the world. There are still kids working to make a living for their family. Statistics say that nearly 168 million children still work, especially in Asia and the Pacific, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Many girls are forced to marry before reaching full age in order to save their families from Death, like in Syria.

We’re facing what could be called the biggest threat to Children’s rights. Nearly 1.6 million Syrian Children are refugees, and sadly many happen to die on their way to a better future.

With this said, I not only wish a Happy Children’s day to all readers and followers, but I also ask you all to think about what still needs to be done in order to provide a proper Children’s day to every child in the World, because Children’s rights are not be taken for granted…

Happy Children’s day

Luís Carvalho

School of Democracy 2015 graduate


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