Quo Vadis Turkey?

Can_DundarCan Dündar, the “Cumhuriyet“ Editor-in-Chief got sued by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The reason for the lawsuit against Can Dündar is that Dündar published an article in which he revealed that the Turkish Intelligence Agency (MIT) carried weapons from Turkey to Syria.

There was also video footage which showed the situation that was described.

A spokesman for Erdoğan said that Can Dündar has not classified the article as “journalistic work”.
For Erdogan, it looks like Dündar targets the national interests of the state and the nation by acting together with parallel organisations.

That is the reason why the president demanded that Dündar was punished for participating in an act with the members of the parallel organization, by publishing fake footage and information leaked to him by a parallel organisation. He also said how what the punishment would be like.

He would like to see a court sentencing Dündar to 42 years in prison, for not classifing the article as journalistic work.

We now have to ask ourselves the following question.

Can this President, who curtails Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press like no one else in Turkey did before, integrate Turkey into the European Union?

A union which defends values like freedom of press, freedom of an opinion, freedom of speech?

I asked for a little help to answer this difficult question, and i found someone who is capable. I did an Interview with a candidate for the Turkish parliament and a member of the Left Turkish Party HDP (Democratic Party of the People).
She asked me to not to publish the article with her name, because she is in fear of reprisal.

*In the interview we will use the name Pervin*

Me: “Thank you Pervin for taking the time to do this Interview.
We are a couple of days away from the election for the Turkish parliament, you are travelling in your city to show the people why it is so important to vote and maybe also to vote for HDP.
Can you gave me some reasons why they should vote for you?”

Pervin: “Of course, thank you for this question. The answer is very simple. If the people do not vote or not vote for us they will get a much stronger AKP, a much stronger president and a much more right-wing Government. Erdoğans party will not be able to have the Majority so they need the help of the extreme right MHP. This will be a horrible scenario for our people and our country. We want to protect the people, thats why they should vote HDP.”

Me: “You are candidating for the parliament. What do you want to achieve if you make it into the parliament?”

Pervin:” First i want to say what I dont want, I don’t want to have a president which is acting like a dictator and forbids everyone to say and to think what they want. I want a free press. I want a society in which it doesn’t matter if you are Alevi, Sunni or Kurdish. I want equality in gender and sexual orientation. I want a Turkey which is strong and a Turkey which is able to be a full member of the European Union. This is what HDP and what I am fighting for.”

Me: “You are quite fired up Pervin. There is a very interesting point you talked about, the freedom of speech and the freedom of press. What do you say about the situation right now? (Erdoğan suing Can Dündar, Co-Editor of the newspaper Cumhuriyet?”

Pervin: “This shows you what Erdoğan wants and what he is:
He wants to punish everyone who is not with him and who shows what his government really was and still is a government which supports Terrorism and the civil war and it also shows what he is – a fascist.”

Me: “Strong words Pervin!.Thank you very much for the Interview and I wish you and your Party good luck in the Elections on the upcoming Sunday Bi xatirê te!“

Sercan Aydilek

School of Democracy 2015 Graduate

Twitter: @AydilekSercan


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