Iran: Still a dangerous country


The nuclear deal with Iran has been praised by Western leaders. EU High Representative Federica Mogherini called it an “historic day” and the chance for “creating the conditions for building trust and opening a new chapter in our relationship”. German Chancellor Merkel named it a big success and asked for fast implementation of the agreement’s main points while French President Hollande welcomed Iran’s constructive role in the negotiations which leads to peace in the region. It seems that the nuclear agreement is expected to change a lot more then only Iran’s nuclear program. Continue reading “Iran: Still a dangerous country”


Let’s Talk About Greece Shall We?


It seems like Greece has reached a deal with its creditors. Very hard negotiations preceded this agreement. Greece even voted in a referendum against the hard demands of Brussels. For many it was inevitable, Athens moved towards bankruptcy and Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Greece Shall We?”

Please Forgive Us For The Unacceptable Delay

Moroccan passport

K. is a good friend of mine. Last year we studied together at one of London’s well-known universities, and in fall last year we both moved to Brussels for an internship. After six months I stayed on, while she found another really interesting traineeship in Luxembourg. K. was really looking forward; she would Continue reading “Please Forgive Us For The Unacceptable Delay”