27S 2015: Catalonia’s Parliament elections 2015 and the Catalan issue.


We are just a few hours away from the elections of the Catalonia’s 11th parliament. The vote has already been described as the most important Catalan election since its parliament was first elected in 1980 and for many, it takes the form of a plebiscite on independence.

Catalonia is expecting a possible showdown between the secessionists and central government in Madrid and between Catalans themselves, who are split on independence. Everything leads to think that the 27-S will be historical at least in terms of participation, around the 75% of Continue reading “27S 2015: Catalonia’s Parliament elections 2015 and the Catalan issue.”


Debate: Passos vs Costa

Debate passos costa

The Portuguese elections will be held in less than 30 days time, and the election campaign has already started.  With it came the most anticipated debate, Pedro Passos Coelho (left image), current Prime-Minister and leader of the Right-Wing coalition, against António Costa (right image), Socialist Party leader.

The first time ever that a debate was broadcast in all 3 major TV channels, seen by 3.3 million people and predicted by many experts to play a decisive role in this election, not only because it was the only TV broadcasted debate between Continue reading “Debate: Passos vs Costa”