Paris, Where The Quest For a Sustainable Future Continues

paris1On 30th of November, 2015, leaders of 150 countries of the world will gather to discuss an issue of climate change. Needless to say, it is going to be challenging to fight a common strategy, but it is widely accepted that no option B is possible in the negotiations – all these different countries will have to find a political will to sign a binding agreement on how they are going to tackle this global issue – every single of them – so that the temperature will not rise above the agreed 2°C[1] threshold, which is otherwise going to happen in some 50 years, hadn’t we turnedthe flow the other way and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Continue reading “Paris, Where The Quest For a Sustainable Future Continues”


Chronicles from #BrusselsLockdown

fd8964ca-5490-4d35-b517-ebda1b3e418eYesterday everything seemed to be back to normal. I went jogging in the morning, and I didn’t run into a single soldier. Even the soldiers that are usually stationed in front of the synagogue were not there – I later learned that the authorities had asked the synagogue to close straight away, and that therefore the security was not needed but rather moved to more urgent spots. I later went to Ixelles, a burgeoning neighbourhood just east of the city centre, to watch a football Continue reading “Chronicles from #BrusselsLockdown”

Road to COP21: no plan B this time

paris1An upcoming COP21 in Paris. What to expect?

On the 21st and 22nd of October, I had an exclusive chance to be a part of the upcoming COP21 negotiations. For those who are not aware of the abbreviation, it stands for 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference which is going to take place in Paris intensely for 2 weeks starting from November 30 and which will decide our strategy to tackle climate change. As a result, Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats organized Continue reading “Road to COP21: no plan B this time”

The migrant Exodus: Slovenia on the Refugee road

Slovenian has been facing an influx of migrants for weeks now. Although the government claimed it has been prepared for the larger amounts, however reality turned out to be the other way around. Thus Continue reading “The migrant Exodus: Slovenia on the Refugee road”

The Race For What’s Left

the raceThe title of the book perfectly describes the author Michael T. Klare’s main narrative. The book’s purpose is to describe how the world’s last easily accessible resources are being depleted, while the demand for them is larger than ever, and how this is driving companies and governments to develop and discover new deposits of everything from oil and minerals to farmland, which in turn is opening up new frontiers and conflicts.

During the years after World War II the global economy boomed, leading to a steadily growing demand for natural resources. This demand was mostly met with then newly discovered, easily accessible and processed mammoth deposits of oil, gas and minerals located close to the surface. But since that time almost no new deposits like this, easily accessible and processed, have been found, and following the turn of the century the old ones have shown a decline in production that indicates that they have reached their peak production. This is true everywhere, from the oil fields of Continue reading “The Race For What’s Left”