Can Matteo Renzi Break the Merkel-Juncker EU Consensus?

Renzi PDMatteo Renzi is on fire. Not Brexit, not the uncertainty after the Spanish elections, maybe not even the inconsiderate policies of Poland’s new populist government are catching as much attention of the Brussels-crowd as the repeated quarrels that Matteo Renzi has engaged in with President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and his head of cabinet Martin Selmayr. Political analysts are excited, and write about the populist turn of the Continue reading “Can Matteo Renzi Break the Merkel-Juncker EU Consensus?”


New crisis on the way?

financial-crisis-aheadHow the 2008 recession happened?

The 2008 crash and the Great Recession that followed have shaken the world markets and its economy. It was the biggest since the 1929 crash and the Great Depression, so its effects were significant, putting at stake both the fundaments of the financial theories and of the economic theories. The SP500 index, the main American index, decreased from 1565,15 points on 9th of October of 2007 to 676,53 on the 9th of March of 2009 – less than half. The unemployment level rose from 4,9% in Continue reading “New crisis on the way?”

Portuguese Presidential Elections


They are just around the corner. On Sunday, January 24, the 20th President of Portugal will be elected. Unlike in the past, in 1986, where there was great enjoyment from the people on listening and attending political rallies and the population was massively involved on the campaigns and voting, and a tremendous uprising at the 2º Round, 30 years later many things have changed and so our country’s excitement with this elections. We live in a semi presidential Republic, which means an Continue reading “Portuguese Presidential Elections”