The Incurable Disease of Turkish Media

12077048_10207547866747867_1366545926_nPress freedom has always been a controversial issue in Turkey, since the New Republic
was founded in 1923. In fact, with the spread of newspapers, journalists already felt the pressure on their neck in the time of the Ottoman Empire. It is a fact that there is no press freedom in Turkey. However, the analysis must be conducted objectively: while asking why governments have pressured media organizations, to sanctify the media doesn’t solve the current problem either. Continue reading “The Incurable Disease of Turkish Media”


The Case Against Global Tax Havens

Recently, a report about global injustice released by the global justice advocacy groupTax heavens 1 Oxfam revealed that 62 of the world’s richest individuals owns as much of the world’s wealth as the poorest half of humanity. In their report “An Economy For The 1%”, Oxfam appoints the economy for the 1% as the reason for this unprecedented inequality. This is an economy that the rich and powerful have skewed in their favour, and one big factor of this skewing is global tax havens. But why should these tax havens be a subject of concern? And what can be done? The purpose of this essay is to answer these questions, and through this inform and introduce the reader to the subject, while arguing for global equality and justice. Continue reading “The Case Against Global Tax Havens”