What’s Next in Syria?

The Syrian Civil War is an armed conflict that has lasted for more than five years in this country in the Middle East and in certain parts of its neighbor Iraq. This conflict has been marked by a great complexity in terms of belligerent forces and the human consequences have been devastating causing a mass exodus of Syrian citizens seeking refuge, particularly in Europe.

Photo credit: ABD DOUMANY/AFP/Getty Images

The conflict arose in the context of the Arab spring 2011 that occurred in several countries of the region (such as Libya, Egypt or Bahrain) with the first protests in March this year to demand the fall of the regime. If at first the demonstrators demanded especially democracy and freedom of expression, from April they began to focus on the fall of President Bashar Al-Assad. As the protests tone rose so did the police repression leading to the death of many protesters. This Continue reading “What’s Next in Syria?”