The EU Is Doomed Unless It Recognizes Its Problem With The 52%

Let’s face it…IMG-20160630-WA0000.jpg
When Alexander Van Der Bellen won the Austrian
Presidential elections in May defeating far-right candidate Norbert Hofer with a mere 50.3% majority, relief was the main reaction of the Brussels crowd and pro-Europeans citizens throughout the continent.

When Front National was defeated in the French Regional elections in December by only 30,000 votes in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and only as the result of the withdrawal of the Socialist Party in Nord-Pas de Calais-Picardy and Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur the same people celebrated: “The establishment is safe, no racists and far-right parties are in power!” Continue reading “The EU Is Doomed Unless It Recognizes Its Problem With The 52%”


Progressive Youth disappoints over Brexit

2d7c08db-9d87-43ce-921f-513acca86f7e-2060x1236Before writing this article, I asked several young Brits if they would prefer an hypothetical undemocratic European Union over a Brexit. Most of my British contacts are high- or middle-class and active in so-called progressive political movements. Pretty much all of them told me that they would prefer staying in an undemocratic European Union.

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Brexit Is A Wake-Up Call For Young Europeans

Dear Graduates of the S&D School of Democracy,

One day after what is undoubtedly the greatest 26657304935_c351de18f9_zsetback in the history of the process of European integration, I decided to write to you, who
represent its future, or at least its hope.

Like you, I have grown up without the experience
of war, assuming that frontiers were destined to become a thing of the past, and especially that Europe would be a key arena for the construction of a better, freer and more equitable world.

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The Great Western Ambivalence

The West has a very double-sided, some might even say hypocritical, relationship with the rest of the world. There is a systematic pattern of the Western countries in Northsaudi and us America and Northern and Western Europe saying one thing while in practice doing another on the global stage. But why is this? And how does it translate on to the international arena? It is probably important here to mention that the purpose of this text is not to blame the West for all the world’s problems, but rather to try to recognise contradictions in its actions internationally and how to move beyond these. Continue reading “The Great Western Ambivalence”

Marginalised and Disenfranchised: The Post-Brexit Fate of EU Migrants?

Nearly 3 million EU migrants in the UK face losing the rights and privileges of EU citizens in the UK

Brexit is looming. With some recent polls UK_Border,_Heathrowsuggesting a momentum towards Leave, and the Brexiteers in buoyant spirits, the UK is closer than ever before to drifting off into the Atlantic. Though most commentators still believe Remain will eventually prevail, it is now time to consider what the consequences of Brexit might be for those Europeans living in the UK, who, like me, have not acquired British citizenship.

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In Defense of Europe’s Freedom of Movement

It is when I cross a border far away from Free movement 2home, in Asia or in the Middle East, that I am reminded of one of the biggest achievements of the European Union: free movement within the Schengen countries. Indeed, traveling freely across borders is possibly the most practical benefit many Europeans enjoy for being part of a European community. Schengen and the free movement principles are at the core essence of the European Union, and many European Millennials that have never lived in a Europe with borders cannot even imagine a Europe with internal borders.

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