Statement by Candidates of Board 2016-2017 regarding Election Procedures and Debates

This post has been published on the Official FB Page of the Graduates of Democracy, on the Official Graduates of Democracy Blog and on our Twitter Account.

This post is on behalf of the all the current candidates to the Board of the Graduates of Democracy

Topic under discussion:


A poll to see how the majority of the Graduates of Democracy wants to proceed with the voting process and procedures within our group.

Dear everyone,

The candidates for the Graduates of Democracy Board of 2016-2017 have started working on the programming code for the voting platform.

Since there has been a lot of approval/disapproval of the methodologies that have been used during these months, allow us to perhaps ask the most relevant question:

How do we have to proceed with the current elections for the board of the Graduates of Democracy?

We would like to elaborate on why this statement has been issued. As most of you are aware of, there have been some complaints about the current elections. The candidates who have proposed themselves in the last days sat together and would like to solve this matter together with all of you.

All candidates agree that communications have been a problem in the current system. However, since we do not have an executive board at the moment it is difficult to appoint someone responsible for contacting everyone. We also don’t have access to all email addresses for privacy reasons and are, unfortunately, fairly dependent on Facebook for important discussions and topics. It is our expectation that Facebook will remain to be the most important source of information [together with the blog] but we will do our best to share all new developments regarding the elections, and procedure discussions, via all our channels.

The original idea for a board has been discussed for over a year already. It was also an important suggestion made by the S&D-Group itself to have a clear reference point for communication. Regardless, we completely agree that the matter of communication should be improved. We hope that a new treasurer will find financial space to upgrade our blog. This will give us the opportunity to buy a special Members Only section via WordPress. Besides being a great addition to the blog, it will also help us improve inside communication. The new board, most likely the Director of Communication, will have to retrieve all email addresses.

Because of these problems and the fact that we don’t want to feel people excluded, we propose the above-mentioned poll. Please feel free to vote [and comment] via the following –> link <–.

In conclusion, if there were to be a majority, candidacies for the different positions should be closed on 07/08/2016, 23:59 CET. Voting registration (a follow-up on this will be published) will close on 07/08/2016, 23:59 CET.
The debate videos among candidates to the presidency will be posted on August 9th.
Elections will be open from 10/08/2016, 08:00 CET to 14/08/2016, 23:59 CET.

Let us keep a respectful and tolerant environment.
Kind regards,
2016-2017 Board Candidates



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