A case for Antonio Guterres to become the new UN Secretary-General


Currently, there is an ongoing process to select the successor of Ban-ki Moon as secretary general of the United Nations. There is little media cover for this process while the role of the head and spokesperson of the United nations isn’t completely unimportant. The United Nations is the biggest intergovernmental organization dedicated to promote dialogue between states and thus solving problems in a peaceful way. Besides this diplomatic and political function, the UN also plays a role in providing humanitarian aid, protecting human rights, the environment and also as a military force in peacekeeping operations around the world(most of them with success). In other words, the person selected to be the leader and major spokesperson of the UN cannot be seen as unimportant.The Secretary General of the United Nations, besides running this Babylonic humanitarian organization, do has some influence as the ‘’world moderator’’ like Franklin Delano Roosevelt envisioned. Continue reading “A case for Antonio Guterres to become the new UN Secretary-General”


An Alternative for Berlin?

14408147_10154643972719558_1117834378_oGiven the success of the rightwing populist party AfD, the outcome of the regional elections in Berlin last Sunday can hardly be considered a victory for the SPD, which remained the strongest force. If the political parties in Germany do not come up with true alternatives to revive the political debate, the influence of the AfD will continue growing.

What has happened to Berlin? What has happened to the European capital of ‘multi-kulti’, world-openness and progressive lifestyle? The rightwing populist party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) has achieved 14,2% of vote at the regional elections and will have 25 seats in the regional parliament. The Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (SPD) has 38 seats with 24,8% of vote. Continue reading “An Alternative for Berlin?”

Online Networking with Friends: An Antidote to Mutual Mistrust, a Booster for Social Democracy

111128_eu_vip_brussels_mk_2Trust between politicians and electorate hits an all-time low. The internet is a major cause for this, but it provides unique opportunities to develop new structures of e-democracy through which to engage with citizens and empower them. The October 2016 S&D Convention provides a golden opportunity to re-engage with the natural partners of European social democrats: by setting up professional online networks this coalition can strengthen the sharing of mutual feedback and reach out to disillusioned citizens. Continue reading “Online Networking with Friends: An Antidote to Mutual Mistrust, a Booster for Social Democracy”

New problems, global solutions

_44984‘The aggression towards Mother Earth and the repeated assaults and violations against our soils, air, forests, rivers, lakes, biodiversity, and the cosmos are assaults against us’

Indigenous People Declaration adopted at the World Peoples’ Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia

As we can see in this declaration of Indigenous People, the natural world in which we live in has been negatively shaped by mankind. Unfortunately during the last centuries, especially since European colonialism and the industrial revolution, humans have had a Continue reading “New problems, global solutions”

Płomień gniewu przeciw niesprawiedliwosci – solidarnosć w XXI w.

the-leftCo zostało z lewicy – i dlaczego potrzebujemy jej bardziej niż kiedykolwiek.

Lewica w dwudziestym pierwszym wieku przezywa swój największy kryzys w historii. Nie wynika on z elektoralnej słabosci. W poprzednim stuleciu partie socjaldemokratyczne i socjalistyczne upadały przecież w dzisiaj niewyobrażalne wyborcze głębiny. Nie wynika też z braku odpowiedzi na ekonomiczne i społeczne problemy współczesnego swiata – konsensus ekonomiczny dzisiaj jest po stronie interwencjonistycznego państwa, aktywnie partycypującego w gospodarce.

Problem lewicy jest głębszy: brak wizji jej liderów i brak ambicji jej członków. Continue reading “Płomień gniewu przeciw niesprawiedliwosci – solidarnosć w XXI w.”

The Flame of Anger against Injustice – Solidarity in the Twenty-First Century.

the-leftWhat’s left of the Left in Poland and the UK – and why we need it more than ever.

The left is, in this twenty-first century, experiencing its greatest crisis in history. And it does not result from electoral weakness. There have been times in the previous hundred years when social democratic and socialist parties fell to such electoral depths as seem impossible today. Nor does it stem from a lack of answers to the social and economic problems of today’s world – the economic consensus has, after all, shifted towards greater state interventionism and participation in the economy.

No, the problem of the left goes deeper: its leaders lack vision, and its members lack ambition. Continue reading “The Flame of Anger against Injustice – Solidarity in the Twenty-First Century.”