14542545_1669002600095170_8422693156632540884_oWhen I first came into contact with history and philosophy, I fell in love with an ideology that is ahead of its time; an ideology that across Europe has lead the biggest achievements, combining our democracy and social justice. An ideology which has been called “utopia” until our people organized themselves in political parties and together fought for those rights that give dignity and prosperity to every human being, all together contributing to creating our welfare state. I fell in love with the sufragettes and the workers that fought for the labour rights my generation often takes for granted. I fell in love with a European Union that, though fractured, is the beacon of the longest period of peace and prosperity our continental history has seen.

Roots are at the heart of every ideological debate; the internal dilemma whether evolving means abandoning our roots. I think that our core values are still present even if the form changes. Redefining ourselves as social-democrats within a European society will provide a political counterweight to face common challenges and complement mere economic integration in a globalized and integrated world.

We can’t be afraid of evolution, because while we look longingly into a romanticized past, our present – the present of the EU – is being governed by others. We need to redefine ourselves, with the courage of criticizing our own structures. Only then, we will be able to provide solutions to the global challenges we face. Honouring our roots must be at the heart to make this initiative flourish.

Together is an Initiative by the S&D group propelled by this idea of progress. An initiative that fosters European participation, dialogue and a deep introspection into where we a re and what we can achieve. As young activists, we should be holding the European flag for our rights, as our predecessors did a century ago for the right to vote, for democracy and every other right that is at our roots and we have been lucky enough to consider innate.

If you are unhappy with the current direction of Europe, work with us to make it the Europe of solidarity, sustainability and social justice. Do not give up on your freedoms and do not succumb to fear. Stand up for our future. We can fight for it together.

By Carlota Núñez Strutt, President of the European Student Think Tank (@nunezstrutt) and Robert Zielonka, President of the Graduates of Democracy (@zielonkarobert)
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