Third Way is Kaput

Third Way

In the 1980s, Neoliberalism dogma was still underway, but according to author Stuart Hall, another movement was being created, it was “New Times”.

The “New Times” that would become one of the causes of the Third Way, consisted in the transition from industrialized economies to tertiary and IT-oriented economies. In addition to economic changes, these “new times” also reflected the decline of the political class, the expansion of people’s individual choices in terms of consumption and lifestyles, as well as the beginning of the debate on the issue of sexuality that began to emerge as a “hot” topic at the time. Continue reading “Third Way is Kaput”


The fall of Social Democracy: Two different perspectives

3538369964_afe3f647e7The first article was drafted by Luís Carvalho
Everyone has heard of Social Democracy, the political Ideology that advocates for State regulation and intervention in the Economy along with gradual reforms for a more fair and equal Society/Economy inside the framework of the Capitalist system, or as one of the Social Democracy “fathers” used to say: “Markets whenever it’s possible, State whenever it’s necessary”, Eduard Bernstein.

It seems like a reasonable thought and something that some people can relate with, and in fact it was one of the predominant Political Ideologies in 40’s. When EU was founded there were two main political Ideologies, Christian Democracy and Social Democracy, some of the Continue reading “The fall of Social Democracy: Two different perspectives”