Third Way is Kaput

Third Way

In the 1980s, Neoliberalism dogma was still underway, but according to author Stuart Hall, another movement was being created, it was “New Times”.

The “New Times” that would become one of the causes of the Third Way, consisted in the transition from industrialized economies to tertiary and IT-oriented economies. In addition to economic changes, these “new times” also reflected the decline of the political class, the expansion of people’s individual choices in terms of consumption and lifestyles, as well as the beginning of the debate on the issue of sexuality that began to emerge as a “hot” topic at the time. Continue reading “Third Way is Kaput”

2017: A practical guide for the worried voter

The year 2016 has ended, for some a terrible year where we have lost dozens of famous people. From football legend Johan Cruyff to legendary singer Leonard Cohen. People who were not only great in their profession but who also influenced the world around them. Take Olympic champion and anti-war figure Muhammad Ali. A hero and inspiration for many who showed us we should never give up on our dreams despite our social background, religion, or race. Continue reading “2017: A practical guide for the worried voter”

How to beat Merkel – and while doing so Socialists might also save the EU

Angela Merkel has just announced to re-run for the German Chancellorship in the upcoming Fall 2017 general election. If she wins she can prolong her reign, which started in 2005, a total of 16 years, the biggest in German history (tied only with Helmut Kohl 1982 – 1998, CDU). Over the years the reasoning by experts for her uncontested leadership, although with changing coalition partners, has varied but subsequently acclaimed she holds a high level of trust.

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La Gauche sans Ordre de Bataille et l’Echec Annoncé de 2017

Alors qu’il disposait au moment de son élection des majorités sénatoriale et parlementaire, d’une majorité de communes et de conseils régionaux, le président Hollande s’est, en cinq années d’exercice du pouvoir, révélé incapable de structurer son mandat ou de doter sa politique d’une colonne vertébrale cohérente. L’échec du premier président socialiste depuis François Mitterrand est ainsi révélateur d’une réalité indéniable : sans conviction, sans audace, sans raison, la gauche s’est fourvoyée et semble avoir incarné un leadership du hasard, terne et inconséquent. S’il fallait résumer le président Hollande à un chiffre, ce serait celui-ci, paru dans l’édition du 25.10.2016 du Monde : 4% d’opinion favorable. Aucun président n’avait atteint un tel (non) score sous la Vème République, et si l’on peut à juste titre reconnaître qu’il s’agit là d’une preuve de la ruine d’un système qui depuis des décennies, se complait dans la corruption, le népotisme, l’incurie et la malhonnêteté intellectuelle la plus crasse, force est de constater qu’Hollande, rassembleur mou et solitaire, n’a jamais su ni pu redorer le blason de la politique française, de renoncements coupables et demi-mesures fades. C’est simple : à trop arpenter les profondeurs, Hollande pourra bientôt prétendre au premier rôle d’un remake du Grand Bleu. Comment expliquer qu’avec autant de cartes en main, le pouvoir du président se soit ainsi abîmé d’une manière si complète ? Qu’alors qu’il pouvait mobiliser autour de lui sénateurs, députés, maires et autres élus locaux, Hollande ne soit jamais parvenu à pratiquer un exercice sain et cohérent du pouvoir ? La faute à une erreur multidimensionnelle, à la fois idéologique, stratégique et politique, qui a conduit le mandat Hollande à définir un cas d’école de l’échec en politique.

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Of Brexit, Europe and the Politics of Closure

Five weeks ago I woke up and realized thatImage 1 the British people had just voted to leave the European Union. Since then I sensed that new reality creeping into my everyday life. Squeezing in an overcrowded Tube coach, grabbing a coffee at the newest bar, walking through office corridors, and waiting in the awkward silences of elevators: Brexit was everywhere. Continue reading “Of Brexit, Europe and the Politics of Closure”

Why is Europe turning to Far Right?

“A Spectre is haunting Europe – the Spectre of Nationalism”

I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t this way Marx started his famous book “The Communist Manifesto”, in 1848, however I’m pretty sure it reassembles today’s Europe. Now and then we hear about how Far Right parties have become more and more accepted and somehow desired by the people, in some countries they even have become the most voted party on opinion polls, I’m talking of Netherlands for example with Geert Wilders [i], Marine Le Pen in France [ii], the last presidential elections in Austria (which might have a second round)[iii] and ultimately the impact UKIP had on the Brexit vote[iv]. Continue reading “Why is Europe turning to Far Right?”

In Defense of Europe’s Freedom of Movement

It is when I cross a border far away from Free movement 2home, in Asia or in the Middle East, that I am reminded of one of the biggest achievements of the European Union: free movement within the Schengen countries. Indeed, traveling freely across borders is possibly the most practical benefit many Europeans enjoy for being part of a European community. Schengen and the free movement principles are at the core essence of the European Union, and many European Millennials that have never lived in a Europe with borders cannot even imagine a Europe with internal borders.

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Can Matteo Renzi Break the Merkel-Juncker EU Consensus?

Renzi PDMatteo Renzi is on fire. Not Brexit, not the uncertainty after the Spanish elections, maybe not even the inconsiderate policies of Poland’s new populist government are catching as much attention of the Brussels-crowd as the repeated quarrels that Matteo Renzi has engaged in with President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and his head of cabinet Martin Selmayr. Political analysts are excited, and write about the populist turn of the Continue reading “Can Matteo Renzi Break the Merkel-Juncker EU Consensus?”

New crisis on the way?

financial-crisis-aheadHow the 2008 recession happened?

The 2008 crash and the Great Recession that followed have shaken the world markets and its economy. It was the biggest since the 1929 crash and the Great Depression, so its effects were significant, putting at stake both the fundaments of the financial theories and of the economic theories. The SP500 index, the main American index, decreased from 1565,15 points on 9th of October of 2007 to 676,53 on the 9th of March of 2009 – less than half. The unemployment level rose from 4,9% in Continue reading “New crisis on the way?”

The migrant Exodus: Slovenia on the Refugee road

Slovenian has been facing an influx of migrants for weeks now. Although the government claimed it has been prepared for the larger amounts, however reality turned out to be the other way around. Thus Continue reading “The migrant Exodus: Slovenia on the Refugee road”