The Left needs to dump YOU!

Each left-wing movement in Europe has its own intricansies, but almost all of them were born of the Labour movement. After the industrial revolution, poor people, working class rallied together in center-left parties for more rights like paid sick leave, Universal Healthcare, social benefits. Social democratic parties were the party where the masses rallied in hope for a better life. Now the masses couldn’t be more detached from Social democratic parties. In Britain, the Labour Party is just the third most popular party among the working class, in France, the Front National also leads by a wider margin among working class while the socialist party drowns in popularity with this group of people and the same story happens in the Netherlands, Austria and many other countries. Center left parties are, in some cases, more popular among rich people than with poor people. Why this is happening? Very simple: Center left parties were once the party of the poor, unemployed, the factory worker, the uneducated, disaffected the one who was against the establishment. Now Center left parties are the party of the well connected, the rich, the college professor and the corporate lawyer.

Center left parties had once a clear agenda because they were made by working class people and for working class people; they knew clearly what they want and what were their priorities. They knew their struggles and their problems and wanted to solve them. Now, center left parties aren’t made essentially by the same people as before. They are leaded by elitist people who don’t have a clue how life is outside college campus or big cities. For some of these elitist people, going to a disaffected community or a desindustrialized area may be a field trip or a campaign stop but it will be never be their reality, their struggle, their problems, so working class or people in those communtities will never see them as their own representative.


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The Dangers of Delusion. A Case Study for the European Left: Jeremy Corbyn

While a new Conservative Prime Minister sets Britain on the long path to Brexit and increased austerity, the British left drifts off into cloud-cuckoo-land.

Jeremy_CorbynThe Brexit vote in on the 23rd of June has rattled the political establishment across Europe. In geopolitical terms, one of the two great military powers of the European Union is leaving. In real terms, what feeble protection the EU offers for workers’ rights is probably gone. And make no mistake – the move towards leaving is now unstoppable, and the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has said so in as many words. With a Conservative government, there will be no second referendum, no Brexit minus, just pure Brexit.

And with no left-wing opposition to speak of, there will be no safeguards for workers’ rights, equality and everything against the raging tide of neoliberal destruction in the UK. This piece is explicitly directed to our European friends as a warning against the dangers of Corbynism and its fatal threat to the left. Continue reading “The Dangers of Delusion. A Case Study for the European Left: Jeremy Corbyn”

Marginalised and Disenfranchised: The Post-Brexit Fate of EU Migrants?

Nearly 3 million EU migrants in the UK face losing the rights and privileges of EU citizens in the UK

Brexit is looming. With some recent polls UK_Border,_Heathrowsuggesting a momentum towards Leave, and the Brexiteers in buoyant spirits, the UK is closer than ever before to drifting off into the Atlantic. Though most commentators still believe Remain will eventually prevail, it is now time to consider what the consequences of Brexit might be for those Europeans living in the UK, who, like me, have not acquired British citizenship.

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